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Smart Gold – Hamilton

Smart Gold – Hamilton was started with the goal of providing consumers with a trusted, safe, and convenient way to sell their unwanted gold, silver, or platinum for cash.

We are a Canadian-owned and operated company based in Hamilton. If you are looking to get the most cash for your gold, silver, or platinum, choose Smart Gold. Our operators have over 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry.

Be SMART about your gold!

What we buy

Gold, Silver & Platinum

We buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium jewellery in any condition. We also buy dental gold, broken jewellery, silver tableware, and gold or silver watches.

What we buy

Gold Coins & Bars

We buy all gold coins and bars, including Canadian Maple Leafs, USA Eagles, Mexican Pesos, Sovereigns, etc.

What we buy

Silver Coins & Bars

We buy all silver coins and bars, including those from Canada and the USA (junk silver), Olympic coin sets, Royal Canadian Mint coins, etc.

How it works

Visit our location with your new, old, or even broken gold, silver, or platinum jewellery/items.

Our experts will then examine your items. We will educate you on how our tests are conducted so you can be confident in our thorough evaluation.

If you are satisfied, we will make a cash offer on the spot using the latest, up-to-date market prices. It’s that easy!

What makes us better

Smart Gold – Hamilton has been doing business as a cash for gold store in Hamilton for many, many years, and we know that the secret to success in a small city is to build your business on repeat customers. You get repeat customers by treating them right the first time. Whether you buy or sell to us, our goal is to have you walk out knowing you got the best price, haggle-free.

What We Pay

8 Karat Gold Jewellery $27.25/g
9 Karat Gold Jewellery $30.75/g
10 Karat Gold Jewellery $34.00/g
14 Karat Gold Jewellery $48.50/g
18 Karat Gold Jewellery $62.75/g
21 Karat Gold Jewellery $73.25/g
22 Karat Gold Jewellery $76.75/g
24 Karat Gold Jewellery $84.75/g
.925 Sterling Silver $0.84/g
.900 Platinum $26.50/g
.950 Platinum $28.00/g
.999 Platinum $29.50/g
Gold Maple Leaf $3,260.00/oz
Gold Bars & Coins (up to 1 oz) $3,250.00/oz
Gold Bars & Coins (over 1 oz) $3,145.00/oz
Gold bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $3,105.00/oz
Silver Maple Leaf $39.75/oz
Silver Bars & Coins $38.75/oz
Silver Bars & Coins (1kg, 50 oz, and 100 oz bars) $38.00/oz
Silver bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $37.00/oz
Platinum Bars & Coins $1,241.00/oz
Platinum bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $1,191.00/oz
Palladium Bars & Coins $1,075.00/oz
Palladium bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $1,045.00/oz
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Prices are updated every 5 minutes and are the actual prices that you will receive.

Best prices

As Hamilton's top precious metals dealer, you can be sure you're getting the best possible value from a trusted and reliable partner.

Honesty and Transparency

Honest and straightforward testing and evaluation process done right in front of you!

Outstanding customer service

Excellent reviews on Google and other social media platforms.

Opening hours

We are open 7 days a week!


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