COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open for in-store shopping. As per Hamilton’s by-law, a facemask will be required. 😷

Sell Gift Cards

Have extra gift cards lying around? Sell them at Smart Gold Hamilton, the #1 gift card exchange!

Smart Gold Hamilton helps you unlock value trapped in unredeemed gift cards (or even credits received for returned merchandise) and prepaid cards.

It’s great to receive a gift card to go shopping with! However, sometimes you do not need anything from that store, or maybe you would just prefer cash. This is where Smart Gold Hamilton helps! With us your useless card becomes an opportunity to get something right.

As Hamilton’s largest gift card buyer, we offer you:

The simplest and most convenient method to convert your gift cards into cash.
The highest value for your gift cards.
The fastest payment.

We will buy almost any gift card. Seriously, there are very few that we won’t. Please contact us for details.

Minimum balance: $20

Bring Your Cards

Bring in your gift card, return card, merchandise credit or pre-paid credit card.

Accept Our Offer

We will verify the balances and offer you a percentage based on the total value.

Receive Your Cash

If you accept, we'll pay you cash on the spot!