What We Pay

Smart Gold - Hamilton offers the best payouts in town for your gold, silver, platinum & diamonds - guaranteed. Yes, we said BEST PRICE GUARANTEE.

Find another dealer paying more? We'll beat it!

We are a licensed and accredited gold buyer in Hamilton with over 10 years of experience in the precious metals industry. As proud members of Jewellers Vigilance Canada, we are strong advocates of maintaining a high level of ethics, honesty, accuracy, professionalism and best practices in the Canadian marketplace.

Below you can find our gold, silver & platinum prices. As promised, we pay top dollar.

9 Karat Gold $24.25 Per Gram
10 Karat Gold $27.00 Per Gram
14 Karat Gold $37.75 Per Gram
18 Karat Gold $48.25 Per Gram
21 Karat Gold $56.25 Per Gram
22 Karat Gold $59.00 Per Gram
24 Karat Gold $64.25 Per Gram
.925 Sterling Silver $0.63 Per Gram
.950 Platinum $25.00 Per Gram
Canadian Silver Coins
1919 or earlier (No Pennies) $0.63 Per Gram
1920 - 1966 (No Pennies or Nickels) $0.59 Per Gram
1967 (No Pennies or Nickels) $0.47 Per Gram
1968 (Quarters and Dimes only) $0.37 Per Gram
American Silver Coins
1964 or earlier (Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes) $0.61 Per Gram
1965 - 1970 (Half Dollars) $0.30 Per Gram
Gold Bullion $2370 Per Ounce
Silver Bullion $31.95 Per Ounce
Platinum Bullion $1069 Per Ounce

Prices Updated: 10/25/2020 11:34 PM

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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are OPEN for business. To keep our customers and staff safe, we will only be permitting 1 customer at a time. As per Hamilton By-law, a face mask will be required upon entry.